What You Should Know About HCG Injections For Weight Loss

Losing weight is the goal of many people all over the world, which is why there is always some diet craze taking its turn in the spotlight. The method of the hour is hcg injections for weight loss. This is when hormones are injected in the body in order to promote a healthier weight. If you don’t know much about this, you should probably continue reading.

One thing that draws most people to hcg injections for weight loss is the fact that there is a high success weight. Unlike most diet crazes, more than 80 percent of patients that are given hcg injections lose weight. This may sound like the best news that anyone has told you in a long time, but there is definitely a downside to this.

Most people do not realize this, but when you are given an hcg injection, you are required to adhere to a certain diet in order to take the weight off. In many cases, people are advised to eat between 600 and 800 calories. This is far from a healthy diet. In fact, the recommended daily allowance for adults is two to three times this amount. There is nothing remotely healthy about consuming so little calories.

Taking in so little calories will cause you to lose weight, so this may leave you wondering if the hcg injections for weight loss are actually doing their job. Think about it like this: Even if you weren’t getting the injections, wouldn’t you still lose weight since you are not eating nearly as much as you should be? These injections are very expensive and it is terrible to imagine that it is all just a ruse to get your money.

Another thing that you should keep in mind if you are considering these injections is the fact that many people gain back all of the weight they lost once they resume eating a normal amount of food. Imagine saving money in order to get injections, losing all of the weight you have dreamed of, then eating a normal, healthy amount of food and gaining all of the weight back.

This is the reality for the majority of people that have had injections. Do not make the mistake of believing you are somehow different from most of the people that have used this product. The effects of this diet are the same as they are for any yo-yo diet that is out there. The weight is gone one day and then back the next. Not only is this dangerous for your health, but it can take a huge emotional toll on you as well.

Basically, there are many options out there if you want to get fit, and hcg injections for weight loss is most certainly not the best one. They may offer you a solution that is a bit faster than many of the options out there, but the repercussions of this is probably far more than you are ready to deal with.

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