What Causes Weight Loss?

Weight Loss – How It Happens?

In general, when reduction in body mass is observed in a human body, then medically, it is termed as weight loss. Weight loss in a human body takes place with the loss of fluid and fast from the tissues. When loss of necessary minerals also takes place, it leads to weight loss. The exact reason for weight loss is due to two reasons. One is due to an underlying health based illness called as unintentional weight loss or due to some strenuous activity.

Unintentional weight loss occurs due to loss of at least 10% of an adult’s body weight due to a medical problem or reason. If weight loss is occurring from the past six months then you need to surely consult a doctor.

The other causes of weight loss are insufficient calorie intake which happens to be a primary reason. Usually, people start to feel good when they start a new diet. But if that diet lacks the necessary proteins, carbohydrates or minerals, then it usually leads to weight loss. At the same time, if the person is consuming a diet which is low in calorie, then this can cause severe weight loss problems. People who like to loose weight practice these kind of diet rituals. But it can lead to a health disaster as a human body needs to have calorie intake on a regular note to carry on with the basic metabolism activity. If body lacks insufficient fuel to carry on its metabolism, then it usually starts to burn the accumulated fat in the body and as a result people tend to loose weight.

Lack of protein in every-day’s diet also leads to weight loss and so one should include chicken, turkey, fish, seafood, beans, lentils, tofu, low fatty dairy produce and nuts into their diet at least once in a week. Since, protein is harder to digest than carbs, it gives more energy and thus offers more fuel for metabolism for longer periods.

what causes weight lossFat intake is also helps the human body in absorbing vitamins and minerals in order to keep skin, hair and nails in a healthy condition. But intake of more fat than needed can also lead to obesity and other health complications related to heart like bad cholesterol rise and so on…. For this reason, intake of fat from diary, red meat, chicken should be maintained in a restricted way. At the same time, intake of avocados, nuts, seeds, olive oil and salmon fish also keeps the weight loss in control.

Water consumption is required for every living being on earth and so do humans. Drinking insufficient water necessary for a body on daily basis leads to de-hydration and thus it leads to give a weary, exhausted and fatigue filled feeling. So, drinking atleast 2 liters water daily and other liquids; thus keeping yourself rehydrated is quite necessary to reduce weight loss.

In order to maintain a muscular body, it is often seen among teenagers that they over-exercise and strain themselves. This leads to stress and hence leads to fat metabolism in the body and hence weight loss. So, keep the exercise regime under control and if possible minimum. Or else, increase your diet intake as per your exercise regime and include more proteins in your diet.

Stress and strain which is nowadays observed in every individual’s day to day activity also leads to weight loss and so keeping a check on it is also quite necessary.

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