Weight Loss Blog To Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Why is it always so easy to pick up weight and so difficult to lose weight. Once you have put on the pounds you are always on the lookout for how to get back to being slim and trim. Following a weight loss blog is a good way to keep track of what works for others and may work for you.

Bloggers who have successfully lost weight take you with them on their personal journey to successful weight loss, as they give you tried and tested weight loss information which they have gained on their journey. Word of mouth is always the best form of advertising, and getting facts straight from the horses mouth is so much better than testing the waters on your own.

It is not always easy to follow a healthy lifestyle and know what to do when you need to lose weight. The trick is to find a good weight loss blog that resonates with you and your particular weight loss problems. This becomes easy by making use of the work done by online critics who research specific topics, such as weight loss for example, and publish their results on the best bloggers. This will narrow down your search and you will soon find a weight loss blog that you love to follow.

To start you off, below are some of the best weight loss blogs, rated in 2013, by Healthline:

Can You Stay For Dinner?

The author of the book Can You Stay For Dinner, Andie Mitchell, battled with obesity and won, coming to the realization that you do not have to sacrifice eating delicious meals to lose weight. She shares her love for food, with recipes and tips for significant weight loss.

Blogging Runner

In this award winning blog, Emily gives inspiration to fitness enthusiasts on how to keep on track and never back down with her commitment to keeping fit and losing weight.

Weight Loss Success Stories

Isadora shares her motivation and determination for losing weight post-pregnancy, with inspirational success stories from famous celebrities, as well as ordinary people. Her blog is a regular reminder that it is possible to beat obesity and maintain a healthy lifestyle, no matter what your particular weight problems are.

Authentically Emmie

Emily documents everything regarding her weight loss ups an downs, the good, the not so good and the downright ugly, including fitness, fashion and a healthy diet. Emmie believes that being healthy is not something you can measure on a scale, but rather it is a state of mental and physical well-being.

Just Roni

Cataloguing her personal weight loss, backed up by graphs and photographs Roni holds herself accountable, while encouraging others who battle with body image problems. She is a mother and a champion for weight loss success.

These bloggers have walked the walk and now they talk the talk. They are living proof that, with dedication from your side and support from their side, you too can achieve your weight loss goals. Finding motivation will be easy when you follow a weight loss blog.

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