Water And Weight Loss

Drinking water and weight loss are two things that must go side by side. You simply can’t lose weight if you don’t drink enough water or if you get dehydrated due to heavy caffeine or alcohol consumption or sweating. So water is essential for your weight loss regime.

Water is probably the most important element of every diet or weight loss plan. You might be surprised to read that but given the fact that people spend a fortune in buying dietary products and supplements –water costs you nothing!

But how water and weight loss are associated? Here are some facts that’ll help you understand the benefits of water for weight loss.

Fact 1:

Research has shown that lack of water in the body can cause fat deposits to build up whereas keeping the body hydrated helps in breaking down the fat deposits.

Here’s what science says about water and weight loss

The kidneys are not able to function properly when the body is dehydrated. When are not working up to their capacity, the work load is shifted to the liver. Since one of the primary functions of the liver is to break down the fat to supply the body with energy (metabolism), the rate of metabolism slows down quiet significantly.

As a consequence much of the fat remains stored in the body and the weigh loss processes is halted.

Fact 2:water and weightloss

An overweight person requires more water then a skinny one. The heavier you are, the higher your metabolic load. Fact 1 indicates that water speeds up the fat burning process. More fat burning means more muscles. Water also helps prevent the sagging skin which usually results after weight loss. Water help buoy the shrinking cells which tighten the skin and leavers it healthy, glowing and radiant.

Fact 3:

When you loose weight your body has a lot of waste to get rid of which includes the broken down fat. Drinking water helps flush out much of the toxins and wastes. This can in turn help you if you have had any problems related to constipation. When the body doesn’t get enough water it tries to meet its need by extracting water from other body sources. So if your do not keep your body hydrated enough, you may well get constipated. Drinking water helps keep your bowel function to normal.

All these facts demonstrate the fact that water has a close connection to weight loss and it should be considered an essential part of your weight loss plan.

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