Understanding Alpha Lipoic Acid Weight Loss

How Alpha Lipoic Acid Weight Loss Works?

Alpha-lipoic acid weight loss is possible. This acid is found in yeast and liver and removes toxins and body fat and regulates glucose or sugar level in the blood. It works first as an antioxidant that removes from our system free radicals, toxins and waste products. It increases the metabolic rate of the different cells in our body thus metabolizes fatty tissues and sugars.

Women and Weight Loss through ALA

Many supplements for women have alpha lipoic acid (ALA) to aid us in shedding off fat. We always wish to find solutions and tips to proper weight loss. One of the best tips for women to follow is ALA supplementation along with a healthy lifestyle. It is recommended for us to take supplements after consulting with our doctors.

Alpha lipoic can also be found in various foods aside from supplements. These include beef, broccoli, leafy vegetables, organ meat such as the kidney and heart, potatoes, spinach and yeast.

Scientific Studies on ALA Weight Loss

Scientific research in 2011 also says that alpha-lipoic acid may really aid in fast weight loss. A study showed overweight and obese people taking 1,800 milligrams of ALA daily shed off more weight than those who just took a placebo product. In 2010, a study showed 800 milligrams of ALA per day resulted to a weight loss of 8% to 9% in the weight of pre-obese and obese teenagers.
Even if there are good results in researches on alpha-lipoic acid, it should be remembered that it is not a magical pill which will make us shed off pounds immediately. The studies also showed having a diet low in calories as well as working out frequently when taking ALA. With a healthy lifestyle, ALA can make us lose more fat than supplementation alone.

Benefits of ALA

Alpha lipoic acid metabolizes our fat for energy or enhances our body composition through glucose disposal. It allows our bodies to efficiently metabolize sugar thus less sugar is stored as fat and more fat shall be used for energy. Many patients of diabetes mellitus Type 2 use this in their treatment due to its effectiveness. A literature in 2009 stated that this acid is very successful as a therapeutic agent.

The best thing about alpha-lipoic acid is it being an antioxidant. The toxins in our bodies build up fat. ALA helps get rid of these toxins from our system. It also has numerous benefits such as limiting the accumulation of free radicals and toxins in our body thus allowing us to train harder and extensively. When we are in an intense weight loss program, ALA would then be able to help us sustain our energy and strength. When we exercise longer and intensely, more body fat is lost. It is ideal for us to take 600 milligrams of ALA if we use it as an antioxidant.

ALA Side Effects

PHOTO_OF_BELLY__jEANS.117102653There are a few side effects brought about by alpha-lipoic acid, claims a medical study and these are abdominal pain, allergies, diarrhea, itching, nausea and vomiting. This is why it is always best to ask our doctor’s advice before undergoing weight loss programs along with alpha lipoic acid supplementation.

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