Tracking Progress with a Free Weight Loss Tracker

There are significant benefits to tracking your weight loss, to see if you remain on track to reach your weight loss goals. In fact, a free weight loss tracker helps you understand your body mass index (BMI) your weight loss, exercise and calories. This often provides the much-needed mental note required to help you stay motivated on your weight loss program.

Some free weight loss tracker programs allow you to maintain a diary of your daily thoughts, and a collection of photographs detailing your results. In fact, they offer extensive benefits that include:

Tracking daily weight loss
Maximize benefits through an interactive calendar
Automatically chart BMI (body mass index)
Chart weight loss or gain
Track consume calories and/or associated points
Stay connected to receive encouragement from other dieters
Maintain an exercise log based on a variety of different activities
Share weight loss progress with family and friends using a variety of social media sites

Smart Phone Apps

Many companies that offer a free weight loss tracker make them available as a smart phone application. This is important because nearly 20 percent of all individuals use their smart phone for a variety of health applications that are easily accessible on their device. This helps them retrieve their information when at the gym, out running, or performing other physical activities.

Tools for Success

The easiest way to ensure a successful weight loss is to use the right tools. This often includes a weight loss calculator, a heart rate calculator, a calorie counter and more. A free weight loss tracker can help determine BMR (basal metabolic rate), or the rate of your metabolism when at rest.

Calorie intake calculators can give you all the information you need on tens of thousands of foods. This will help you know exactly how many calories are being consumed during a meal.

An exercise calculator can help you determine exactly how many calories you are burning during your workout routines. This can provide you the motivation you need to keep working out, to reach your goal each day.

In addition to other tools, there are food portion size gadgets that help you visualize how much an actual food portion size should be, instead of the size that is being served at a restaurant. By seeing a frame of reference on a variety of food items, you know exactly how much you should consume during the meal, and avoid the rest. This will help you maintain your body weight, or lose weight if that is your goal.

Another beneficial weight loss tool is a body fat calculator that uses specific measurements including the size of the neck and hip, the weight of the individual and gender. This provides a close approximation of exactly how much actual body fat you likely have. In addition, you can use a skinfold test to provide other accurate measurements.

Typically, the ideal way to lose weight and maintain a healthy fit body forever is to keep track of all foods and beverages consumed each day. This is often far more beneficial than fad diets.

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