Thinking About Diet Weight Loss Options

It is possible to lose weight without following a specific diet plan, but it is much easier if you have the structure of a diet weight loss plan. According to the experts who reviewed the diets for U.S. News and World Report, Weight Watchers has the best diet weight loss plan. Jenny Craig, Biggest Loser and the raw food diet also ranked highly. There were other diets that helped with rapid weight loss, but losing weight over the long term is more important than the speed with which you lose weight.

One thing that makes Weight Watchers a popular diet weight loss option is the factor of the points. This plan helps you drop pounds permanently. In the ratings of experts, Weight Watchers ranked ahead of all the others for weight loss in the short and long terms. This doesn’t mean that it works for everyone, but it does mean that you have a lot better chance. Its label of “moderately effective” for weight loss over the long term shows the hard time that dieters have in remaining faithful to the plan, even when they are using the best plan out there.

Biggest Loser is built around the principles of regular exercise and healthy food. It is ranked only behind Weight Watchers in the general weight loss category. Experts agreed that limiting calories and encouraging physical activity should be successful for dieters. They concluded that it was extremely effective over the short term and moderately effective over longer terms.

In terms of simple weight loss, Jenny Craig ranked ahead of just about all of the competition. Experts found the importance of emotional support from weekly individual meetings to be particularly helpful, as well as other details of the program. Some experts wondered if dieters would keep their improvements once they stopped eating the portion controlled, prepackaged meals. Also, the cost of Jenny Craig is fairly high, even though that did not factor into its grade.

The raw food diet can bring weight loss in the short and long term, because raw foodists take in fewer calories than the vast majority of other people. However, eating a diet that labor-intensive and restrictive is not ideal for everyone.

Volumetrics really helps dieters shed the pounds and lose them for good. It scored highly in short and long term weight loss, making it comparable to quite a few other diets. Because the focus is on satiety, that feeling you get that tells you you’ve had enough, is what helps you be more likely to succeed with it.

Consistent with its focus on helping you lose weight quickly, the Atkins diet received high ratings for weight loss in the short term while coming out less impressively over the long term. Overall, it appeared a bit ahead of the middle o the weight loss pack.

No matter which weight loss program you choose, discipline and diligence are the keys to success. Sticking to your plan helps to ensure that you get the results you want.

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