The Popular Kardashian Weight Loss

Kinm Kardashian recently gave birth to a girl and struggled with great weight gain during her pregnancy phase. She has now lost a massive 22.6 kilos or 3.5 stone, she claims that the Kardashian weight loss was due to the Atkins diet.

At 32 years of age Kim Kardashian is one of the many celebrities who have tried out the famous Atkins diet. The diet was designed by Robert Atkins that Sharon, Ozzy and son Jack Osbourne all follow. Sharon has even become the spokesperson related to the plan around the food eaten on the diet.

The diet encourages that a dieter should rather focus on the carbohydrates that they consume opposed to calorie counting. The principal of the diet limits carbohydrates which have said to make the body use stores from fat in order to gain energy. The process is better known as ketosis. Additionally the Kardashian weight loss diet promises a regulation in blood sugar. This promotes optimal health without leaving the dieter feeling deprived or hungry.

The second book released in 2002 by Dr Atkins is called (Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution). The book reached popularity status one year later. More than three million dieters in the area of the UK have tried out the diet.

According to the bestseller list related to the newspaper known as (New York Times) the book has stayed on the list for nearly six years. More than 15 million books have since been sold worldwide. Atkins does not believe that exercise is a fundamental element for effective weight loss.

However, Kim Kardashian has sworn by the diet used in conjunction with her exercise program. She has been attending numerous gym classes along with circuit training regarded as high intensity. The classes are better known as Boot camp.

Kardashian reveals in numerous interviews that she found success in the Atkins diet years before when she was still in college. Her late father and she tried the diet out together. She further attests to the high protein diet as been an effective way to lose weight at a fast pace. She ensures that she keeps to her strict exercise regime and this how she lost 50 pounds within a short time after giving birth.

She admits that she found the cruel remarks and criticism hard to deal with about her weight gain during her pregnancy. The weight gain was not only due to the pregnancy but additionally from a condition known as preeclampsia.

This condition cause major swelling during pregnancy and is considered life threatening as the condition causes the blood pressure to rise rapidly. This condition caused her to go into early labor and she delivered her baby girl five weeks early.

She recommends her Kardashian weight loss and the Atkins diet along with healthy doses of high intensity workouts in order to lose weight gain caused from pregnancy. The low carbohydrate diet shows significant results in a short period of time. It is advisable for anyone wishing to try out the diet to ensure that their doctor gives them approval.

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