The Most Effective Weight Loss Blogs

Losing excess weight is paramount in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is never easy and needs total dedication to the cause of losing weight fast. Obesity is an epidemic problem in today’s society. Governments around the world spend billions of dollars annually as medical expenditure to treat cases related to obesity. Obesity is one of the prime causes for cardiovascular diseases, type-2 diabetes and death. The social problems created by obesity are even worse. People who suffer from obesity related issues are undergoing severe mental agony due to their problem. They are suffering untold stress and mental depression in silence.

The below mentioned bloggers are real proof to achieving weight loss targets with the necessary dedication and support. These bloggers will provide the much needed motivation that will help you to set your weight loss goals, and lose weight fast and effectively. The below mentioned are some of the most effective weight loss blogs of the year 2013.

Blogging Runner –

Emily, the person behind the “Blogging Runner” blog was as inactive as anyone else in today’s busy society. She never ran or did any effective exercises other than following her day to day busy life schedule. Very soon, she gained 50 pound extra and was plagued with severe weight gain issues thanks to her sedentary lifestyle. Finally, she decided that enough was enough and set a goal to lose weight in 2011. She correctly figured that documenting her journey would keep her on track. The rest is history, and her journey to achieve her desired weight is given on the “Blogging Runner” blog.

Weight Loss Success Stories –

If you thought that losing weight is hard and impossible, “weight loss success stories” will show you how to lose weight fast with a little motivation and dedication. The author of the blog Isadora was suffering from post-pregnancy weight gain. The blog illustrates how she dealt with this problem and finally succeeded. There are real life success stories of people like you and me, who lost weight effective with some inspiration and dedication to the cause.

It Sux to Be Fat –

This is another one of the effective weight loss blogs of the year 2013. The author of the blog, Jennie lost 100 pounds since 2009. She is committed to motivate and support obese people to lose weight fast and effectively, just as she was able to do. There are valuable tips on goal setting and making small changes to the lifestyle in order for you to achieve your weight loss goals easily.

Cranky Fitness –

This blog was started by Crabby McSlacker in 2007. It helps people to set weight loss goals from a realistic point of view. It is a no-nonsense blog dedicated to people who desperately want to lose weight and searching for a resource to achieve their goals fast.

The above mentioned are some of the most effective weight loss blogs of the year 2013 that will help you to achieve the goal of reaching your ideal body weight within a short time.

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