The hCG Weight Loss Program

The obesity epidemic that has swept the country over the past decade has lead to the creation of a large number of new diet trends. People are more than ever desperately searching for a “magic bullet” that will make losing weight a breeze. Today weight loss products are a multi-billion dollar per year industry. The amount of money that can be made off of dieters has created as many diet plans that are nothing more than smoke and mirrors as ones that are actually helpful. One fat loss plan that has got a lot of attention recently is the hCG weight loss program.

Human chorionic gonadotropin, simply known as hCG, is a hormone that is found in the urine of pregnant women. The basic theory behind using this hormone to aid in your weight loss efforts is that by consuming a regular dosage of hCG, your hunger will be suppressed which in turn will allow you to eat far less food than you normally would.

Although it sounds plausible in theory, the reality is that there are no credible scientific studies that have shown hCG supplementation to be effective for the purpose of losing weight. In fact the FDA has begun to crack down hard on companies marketing products containing this hormone as a weight loss aid.

When a hCG weight loss program is looked at closely, it is almost always the case that the diet calls for a calorie restriction of between 500 – 800 per day. Once again the theory is that you will be able to eat so few calories because the hormone will be repressing your hunger. First, there is no indication that this compound would be able to suppress your hunger to the point where you could eat as few as 500 calories per day and not be miserable. However, a much bigger concern would be the issue of safety.

It is virtually impossible to eat much under 1,000 calories per day and get all of the nutrition that you need in order to function. At 500 calories per day you would be in extreme danger of an electrolyte imbalance which could lead to heart failure. Heart attack aside, the number of health issues that could develop as a result of other vitamin and mineral deficiencies is so great, that no credible nutrition expert would ever recommend going on this diet.

Another issue with going on a hCG weight loss program is that the long term health impact of taking this hormone, either through a pill, powder, liquid, or injection, is a complete unknown.

Weight loss is something that needs to be approached in a methodical and logical manner. It takes planning and discipline to lose the weight initially, but then it takes a true lifestyle change to keep the weight off permanently. Fad diets will never be a long term solution for effective weight loss. Any diet plan asking you to take untested chemicals and supplements should be met with skepticism.

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