The Dr Fisher Weight Loss Program

The main recommendation Dr. Jon Fisher has for all people trying to lose weight is that they shouldn’t go at it alone. Dr. Fisher is well-known for his interest in sport and fitness, as well as in weight loss and maintenance. While working with his patients, he realized there’s more to healthy weight loss and control than simple physical therapy, so he dedicated his time and efforts to coaching patients on lifestyle changes required for maintaining one’s weight and staying healthy and fit.

Overview of the Dr Fisher Weight Loss Program

Regarding the Dr Fisher weight loss program, we can’t say there is a secret or a special method for losing those extra pounds. In his clinic, the focus falls on non-surgical approaches to losing weight such as various diets, appetite suppressants, HCG, meal replacements, vitamins and exercise.

Dr. Fisher’s program includes another very important component, which is weight management and control. Many patients enrolled in the program were able to reduce their cholesterol levels and their blood pressure, thus being able to enjoy a better quality of life, despite of their chronic medical conditions.

Patients suffering from arthritis benefited from a pain reduction in their affected regions, as a beneficial side effect of the the Dr Fisher weight loss program.

Diabetics, also, had their share of additional benefits such as a reduction of their insulin dose or oral medication, while being able to keep their blood sugar levels under control.

Who Is Dr. Fisher’s Program for?

The program is suitable for all people who want to lose weight and gain the knowledge and skills to keep it under control for the rest of their life.

Each individual is subject to a thorough medical investigation when joining the program. Depending on the results, the doctor prescribes the most suitable customized weight loss solution for that specific case.

How the Program Works?

As mentioned before, this medical weight loss and maintenance program starts with an initial consultation with a Physician or Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner, followed by a detailed medical investigation.

After the program is designed, there are follow up visits every two weeks or every month, in order to assess the results, to track the progress and to adjust or set new milestones on the path to losing weight.

Nutritional counseling is available on the entire duration of the program, so the patient will learn what to eat and how to eat, in order to make the transition to a healthy lifestyle.

The program may also include FDA approved appetite suppressants for correcting wrong eating habits, as well as lipotropic injections for speeding up the removal of fat in the body. These injections also have the role of preventing new fat buildups from forming.

Exercise is an important part of the program, aiming at increasing the metabolism rate and at getting the patient in shape.

Once the weight loss goal has been reached, the patient is switched on a maintenance program which will also be closely watched by physicians.

Dr. Fisher’s website offers all tools his patients need to keep track of their progress and maintain their motivation throughout the whole program.

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