The Best Weight Loss Workout Routine

A good weight loss workout routine will always depend on one important thing. That is the person who is following it. It is none other than YOU. The program will be only as good as the person behind the program. Without the person following it, no matter how good the program is, it will not be of any use. You must have the most important qualities of perseverance, commitment, and a burning desire to turn your life for the better. You must develop the mindset that is necessary to continue with the workout routine that you choose. If not, it won’t be doing any good for you.

Obesity has grown out of proportions in the world today. There are millions of people around the world suffering from obesity related disorders. The governments are spending a massive amount of money on obesity related illnesses such as type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. The social problems arising out of obesity is even worse. Most overweight people are shying away from their social lives due to obesity. They are suffering untold mental problems such as depression, low self esteem and mental agony. People are shifting from program to program searching for the next quick-fix program of weight loss. But, weight loss is not an overnight thing where you can lose 15 pounds in one night or so. Weight loss must be approached with a proper mindset, as well as, a correct diet plan and an effective workout routine.

Even the best weight loss workout routine in the world will not be enough to lose weight, without a proper diet plan. The workout routine must go hand in hand with the diet plan. You must forget the fast food culture if you are to be successful in losing weight effectively. A good balance of protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals and fluids are needed on a daily basis to lose weight. Binge eating or emotional eating must be addressed, likewise. When you have the diet aspect taken care of, the below weight loss workout routine will help immensely, in losing weight fast.

A good workout routine must last for at least 25 minutes a day and 4 days a week. High intense and short duration exercises are proven to be more effective in increasing the metabolism of the body and helping to lose weight than low intense, long duration exercises. There is no point in doing low intense exercises for hours and hours a day. This is not effective anymore. Performing an exercise with high intensity for 10 minutes and resting for 2-3 minutes is a good workout routine. Continuing this pattern for 25 minutes is the best way to get the highest benefits from the exercise routine.

Cardiovascular exercises, aerobics, power walking, swimming, jogging, running and resistance training are some of the most effective workout routines to lose weight faster. Changing the exercises alternatively is a good idea to avoid feeling bored while exercising. If you did cardio today, you can change it to aerobics tomorrow. This way you will not lose interest in the workout routine. The main thing is to keep a track of the results that you are getting because this can motivate you even further.

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