The Best Weight Loss Menu

A sensible weight loss program will never advocate a starvation menu as a solution for weight loss. The body needs a certain amount of food to function in an optimum state. A crash diet and no exercise is never a solution for effective weight loss, but a deterrent to it. Tracking your intake of calories, consuming plenty of fluids, avoiding binge & emotional eating, and a good workout regime are the main ingredients of an effective weight loss program.

Even if all of the above elements are fulfilled you will not lose weight overnight. Weight loss is a gradual process that takes some time. The body must get used to the new diet and exercise regime in order to start losing permanent weight. The metabolic rate must be increased for this to happen continuously. There are certain foods that can increase the metabolism of the body. An effective weight loss menu will naturally include these types of food.

The body can naturally increase its metabolism when small portions of food are eaten, than eating 3 large portions a day. Our genes are programed to digest small portions of food eaten at regular intervals of the day. But, mankind has taken it the wrong way and continue to eat large portions of meals three times a day. Think of our ancestors; they never ate 3 big meals a day. They ate whatever they could find, whenever they felt hungry. This is the way our genes were programed for millions of years. Our ancestors never had any issue with obesity. One reason is that they exerted themselves physically in hunting excursions, and the other reason is that they ate a little food at regular intervals. This would help to keep the metabolic fire burning all the time. This is one instance where the body can burn fat faster than normal.

If you are planning to stick to an effective weight loss menu in order to lose weight fast, the best way to do it, is to keep the meal plan simple. You don’t need to follow any hard and fast rules in maintaining a diet plan. The only thing is to keep a track of the calories you intake. The calorie intake should always be less than what you are supposed to intake, per day. This way, the body will burn fat deposits for the rest of its energy needs. This will help to expedite the weight loss process. An effective workout regime should follow the diet plan, hand in hand for better results.

An effective weight loss menu should always include more protein than carbohydrates and fat. Protein will make you full sooner than the other nutrients. This will help you to eat less than normal. Drinking a glass of water, 1/2 hour before a meal is also important in order to eat less during meal times. Practicing this kind of menu continuously for 1-2 months will make a huge difference in your weight. You can be sure of losing a considerable amount of body weight during this time.

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