The Best Weight Loss Advice

So you are ready to start losing weight. However, you don’t like that stale advice that you’ve been hearing for years and have read in magazine after magazine. You know that you’re supposed to eat more veggies, cut down those portion sizes, and exercise more. What you need is some new weight loss advice. If someone could give you some new weight loss advice, it is likely that you could break through some of your individual plateaus and end up with the sort of results that would lead to permanent change in your life. It might just be that it is just one idea or so that is keeping you from turning the corner.

The purpose of this article is to give you some new ideas. These are not the sort of tips that you will see on tabloid papers in the grocery aisle or on the cover of the latest entertainment magazines. However, they are ways that you can try to revolutionize your life so that your weight loss problems take on a more manageable shape.

Have you ever heard that if you’re at a buffet, you should just try a little bit of everything? The truth is that variety might not be so great when it comes to creating healthy weight loss habits. A French study offered participants whipped cream or cream with their brownies, and they ate more than those who received brownies without any topping. Other studies have found that those who stick to weight loss have diets with strikingly narrow variety. In other words, if you stick to eating the same healthy things, over and over again, you are more likely to have success.

Have you ever heard of barley in the diet? It’s not just something that we read about in a barn and decided to include it in your plan. Swedish studies found that people who eat rye kernels or barley with their breakfast were able to keep their blood glucose levels at a more even keel all day. This is because rye and barley kernels have a low glycemic index. This means that they elevate blood glucose levels at a slower rate than some other carbohydrate foods. This keeps you from hitting a spike in blood sugar, followed by a plummeting. The end result can be frustrating over time. If you do try barley out, buy it hulled, not in pearl format. The Swedes buy their barley hulled, and the same results are not as likely if you try a more processed form, like pearl barley.

Another idea is to add dressing to your salad. While it is true that dressing adds calories and fats at time, if you leave the dressing off, you are likely to be hungry in a few hours — and to grab handfuls of food that you should not eat if you want to lose weight.

No matter what strategies you end up choosing, remember that losing weight is your ultimate goal. Help each other out with quality weight loss advice makes it even better.

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