The Best Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

It does not matter whether you need to lose 10 pounds or 50 pounds, smoothie recipes for weight loss can help you achieve your goals faster. Smoothies can be made quickly and they are full of nutritious ingredients. Most smoothies are made with fruits and vegetables so your body will receive all of the nutrients that it needs while restricting the intake of foods that are unhealthy. The best thing is that weight loss smoothies can be made without the addition of sugar and dairy, two items that can slow down weight loss and even increase weight gain.

Most people who are looking to lose weight are looking to lose weight around the middle portion of their body. They want to eliminate the bloat and fat that prevents them from having the toned abs they have always wanted. Weight loss smoothies that target belly fat are more effective when they are packed with MUFAs or Monounsaturated fatty acids. There are several smoothie recipes for weight loss that you can make contain this acid along with fruits and vegetables that will target your belly fat.

Try A Mango Smoothie

A smoothie that contains mango is an excellent smoothie to drink when you want to lose weight, especially extra weight that is around the stomach. There are several ingredients you will need to make this smoothie:

cup cubed mango
cup of mashed avocado
1 cup of mango juice
Handful of ice cubes
1/3 cup of plain yogurt

You will mix all of these ingredients in your blender and pour the smoothie into a glass. This smoothie is a great smoothie to drink for breakfast.

Enjoy A Refreshing Blueberry Smoothie

Another delicious and simple smoothie is a blueberry smoothie. There are only a few ingredients that are necessary in order to make this tasty smoothie. The ingredients that you will need are:

1 cup of coconut juice or coconut water
cup of blueberries (fresh or frozen)
tablespoon of organic flaxseed oil

Blend these ingredients and pour the smoothie into a glass. You can add ice if you prefer to drink a cold smoothie.

An Almond Banana Smoothie Is A Tasty Smoothie For Weight Loss

This smoothie is great for any time of the day and is one of the best smoothie recipes for weight loss. You will drink a blended smoothie that combines the delicious flavors of banana and almonds. The ingredients that you will need for this smoothie are:

1 cup almond milk
1 tablespoon of almonds
1 banana
Ice cubes
1 teaspoon of honey (optional)

Make sure the almonds are blended well before pouring the smoothie into a glass. You can also choose to add in some other ingredients if you want to make the smoothie more to your liking.

You can try several recipes or combine ingredients to make your personalized smoothie recipes for weight loss. These smoothies can be meal replacements for any meal and you can add healthy meals to your diet plan to lose weight around your belly faster. There are many smoothie recipes and meal choices you can choose from on the Flat Belly Diet plan.

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