The Benefits of Using Enemas for Weight Loss

Many individuals believe in using enemas for weight loss, and for good reason. Many natural health care providers believe that enemas can easily eliminate built-up toxins while removing stored waste in the colon, which can lead to significant weight loss.

An enema is a hydrotherapy procedure used as an effective tool for cleansing the colon. It is often self-administered, using warm water and specialized equipment to flush out the colon. In addition, enemas often contain water with a variety of other ingredients including wheatgrass juice, herbal tea and especially coffee.

An enema is not as intensive as colonic irrigation (a colonic) that is administered by a professional using specialized equipment. The colonic equipment administers fluid and flushes the colon many times during one session.

A Coffee Enema

Many individuals have had great success using coffee enemas for weight loss. This is because it provides significant benefits that include:

Reduces high levels of toxicity in the body
Cleans, flushes and heals the colon to improve peristalsis
Helps alleviate toxins to minimize bad moods, depression and sluggishness
Increases mood and mental clarity
Elevates energy levels
Eliminates candida and parasites
Eases bloating
Enhances bile flow and improves digestion
Repairs and detoxifies the liver
Assists in healing chronic health medical conditions

Enemas for weight loss are highly effective because they remove stored waste materials inside the colon that have often been there for extended periods. This often builds up a high toxicity level that is often responsible for affecting a persons metabolic rate. Over time, the toxins can cause weight gain. It is often recommended to use enemas for weight loss because they can alleviate the waste material and elevate metabolic rate.

Other Types of Enemas

Nearly any type of healthy liquid can be stored in use in an enema bag at varying temperatures. This includes mixing water with saline, or yogurt, or salts, various herbs, milk, or vinegar. Similar to a hot water bottle, the enema bag is suspended above the individual and connected to a nozzle and tube. The nozzle is lubricated before being inserted into the anus. Some smaller enema options include a syringe with a rectal bulb. When the liquid enters the bowel, it provides a natural sensation to relieve itself, and move the bowels naturally.

Many individuals that perform enemas for weight loss also experience the alleviation of symptoms that include:

Loss of appetite
Stomach pains
Inability to concentrate

Many of the digestive problems and gastrointestinal diseases including IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) diverticulitis, colitis and Crohns disease are a direct effect of the foods we consume. In fact, millions of individuals worldwide suffer from a variety of digestive diseases, making it the number one reason for hospitalization.

Enemas for weight loss are not a new fad performed by the help the process. They were used since the time of the Egyptians and have finally been recognized by the medical community that sees the benefits enemas have in maintaining quality health.the process of giving yourself an enema is easy, and can be performed in the privacy of your own home.

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