The Benefits of Using a Weight Loss Percentage Calculator

If you have ever wondered exactly how much weight you lost percentagewise from where you started to where you are now, you can use a weight loss percentage calculator. This is important because losing weight is often very challenging and requires a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work. Learning how to calculate your weight loss percentage can provide you the motivational jump start you need during more challenging weight loss times.

A weight loss percentage calculator is an effective tool that can determine how much weight percentagewise you have lost since your start date. The results are instantaneous and provide you the information to keep track day-to-day or week-two-week of your weight loss to reach your goals.

Weight Problems

Caring unwanted pounds and inches is more than just being uncomfortable about your weight. The excess weight is known to increase the potential of health issues including cardiovascular disease, stroke, infertility, high blood pressure, back pain, osteoarthritis, many forms of cancer, diabetes, and a myriad of other serious problems.

Losing the weight and keeping it off usually requires continuous motivation. In fact, those that achieve the greatest success for weight loss have change their lifestyles in the long term. They have learned to abolish long-established bad habits and behavior patterns that have served them poorly in the past.

A normal weight is essential to maintain optimal health. In addition, society norms tend to put great importance on the way we appear to others. Over time, having unwanted pounds and inches can make anyone unhappy and depressed because they feel unattractive due to their extra body size.

Getting Healthy

It is important to understand how many extra pounds and inches you have before you can set a weight loss goal. If you are not truly overweight, your weight loss could be a result of reduced muscle mass which is not always healthy. Alternatively, if your BMI (body mass index) number along with your weight measurement indicates you have excess weight, then it is important to determine your weight loss percentage to achieve a healthy goal.

Using a weight loss percentage calculator to help boost your motivation for losing weight can significantly enhance your health in many ways. The benefits it can provide include:

Elevated energy level
Reduced blood pressure
Lowered cholesterol levels
Improved mobility
Diminished pains and aches
Better sleep
Feeling more rested upon awakening
Prevention of type II diabetes
Enhanced sex life
Diminishing the potential of stroke, heart disease or sudden death
Decreased risk for breast cancer and colon cancer
Prevention of chest pain (angina) caused by decreasing oxygen levels to the heart
Improved breathing
A healthier gallbladder
Normalizing blood sugar levels
A better overall sense of well being

Losing weight can be accomplished through a better nutritional diet, and daily exercise. It can help improve your sense of well-being and them hands your self-confidence. Recognize that any small improvement in your health is an important achievement. Over time, you can feel better about yourself when achieving a normal weight based on your height, gender and age.

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