The Benefits of a Yoga Weight Loss Program

Routine yoga practice for both men and women have a direct influence on weight loss, although not in a traditional sense. In fact, yoga weight loss programs are known to be a natural stress reducer. Yoga is highly effective as a workout for combating stubborn fat storage, especially in individuals over 35 years old.

Yoga weight loss programs are effective because they lower the levels of stress hormones while increasing sensitivity to insulin. This is a natural trigger in the body to burn consumed carbohydrates for energy instead of storing it as fat. In addition, yoga can firm up the abdominals, buttocks, legs and arms. Results are often noticeable in as little as 3 to 4 weeks.

While it is true that most forms of yoga do not generate calorie-burning results similar to aerobic exercise, it does indeed help individuals trim off extra pounds. Yoga has the ability to get you moving to increase blood flow circulation, enhance blood lipid levels, and alter your mood for the better.

This routine physical activity is effective as a weight loss plan. To achieve the best results, you will need to reduce your daily caloric intake and increase the amount of calories you burn every day through exercise. In addition to yoga, consider aerobic activities including swimming, jogging and biking.

Nine Steps

The most effective yoga weight loss program is based on a simple formula of gaining the most benefit through yoga exercise. The steps to weight loss include:

1. Perform yoga without looking at a mirror and instead place the emphasis on feeling the experience instead of watching the outer performance.

2. Perform yoga to obtain a sensation of your movement, noticing even the smallest micro-movements.

3. Take your yoga to the place where you feel most challenged without being overwhelmed by the experience. This will help you achieve the ability to push the boundaries of your experience out farther every time you exercise.

4. Recognize that you will need to rest the moment you feel tired.

5. Use positive self-talk during your yoga session. Praise yourself for any new goals you reach.

6. Perform your yoga exercises faithfully. If performing the exercises at home, schedule a specific time and day, and stick to your goals.

7. Understand that you are working on other disciplines including getting your body into shape, which could include patience, kindness, wisdom and gratitude.

8. Consider finding a mentor on a video or in a classroom that provide you the best balance of firmness and gentleness during your workout sessions.

9. Use any goal you have during your yoga sessions to generate momentum to create a better you.

It is essential to realize that a yoga weight loss session can inspire you to find the balance you need to remain healthy. In fact, that balance can be used in every aspect of your life including changing your diet to healthier foods, and minimizing bad habits including smoking and excessive drinking.

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