The Benefits of a Weight Loss HCG Diet Program

Men and women have enjoyed losing weight on an extreme weight loss hCG diet program. There are two different ways men and women can lose weight in this diet program, either through hCG drops (a homeopathic remedy) or injections of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).

HCG is the identical hormone produced by women during pregnancy. The weight loss hCG diet protocol was developed by Dr. Simeon in the early 1960s. He noted that young men injected with hCG released stored body fat into the bloodstream. He recognized that by blending hCG injections with a very low calorie diet (VLCD), the young men lost significant amounts of weight safely and effectively. Since then, hundreds of thousands of men and women have enjoyed the successful weight loss using the same treatment.

In fact, the weight loss hCG diet program is known to create a dramatic loss of weight, upwards of one or more pounds every day. Through caloric restriction, and daily injections or drops of the hormone, dieters are able to lose the weight and keep it off.

Because the body naturally builds up immunity to hCG within 5 to 6 weeks, the weight loss hCG diet program is limited to either 23 or 46 days. It can be used in conjunction with or without exercise along with low dosages of the hormone injection, or 10 to 15 drops under the tongue three times a day.

Does This Really Work?

After extensive research, and many years in the field, the weight loss hCG diet program absolutely works. While the hCG injections and sublingual drops do not make you lose weight, they provide the opportunity where stored fats are released into the blood system. The released fat in conjunction with the VLCD (very low calorie diet) provides the opportunity for the dieter to lose weight, and lose it fast.

No Hunger Pangs

Because the weight loss hCG diet program naturally releases stored fat into the bloodstream, the dieter has no hunger pangs. The appetite suppression is a result of the amount of fat in the bloodstream ready for conversion into energy. For whatever reason, the brain does not automatically trip the signal that the stomach is hungry, because there is plenty of food in the blood available for energy conversion.

To date, hCG injections have shown a significant rise of hCG levels in blood. However, hCG is also offered in sprays, pills and drops. The injection should be taken in accordance with the doctors prescription or while under medical supervision.

No Muscle Mass Loss

One of the benefits of following the weight loss HCG diet program is its ability to avoid losing muscle mass while dieting. This is because it elevates all of the bodys hormone levels, including testosterone. The HCG hormone develops a muscle-building (anabolic) state that naturally counteracts the muscle-breakdown (catabolic) state.

The HCG diet program is highly effective at shrinking your size, and eliminating unwanted pounds and inches. It provides the opportunity to become leaner so you can fit into smaller size clothing. In fact, the diet is so effective that results are often observed within the first week.

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