The Benefits of a Weight Loss Fat Loss Diet

There are significant benefits to an effective weight loss fat loss diet, where you exercise and diet enough to lose weight efficiently. This can be done without exercising two or three hours every day, or going into starvation mode. In fact, an effective weight loss fat loss diet is one that uses safe measures to ensure you remain healthy throughout the entire process.

The Fat Loss Process

The best way to ensure you receive permanent fat loss is to continually burn enough calories over what you consume in caloric intake every day. Here is why: the only way the body can burn off one pound of fat is to create a deficit of 3500 calories. This means that you could take a power walk that last for one hour to burn off 240 calories. Doing that for 15 days without overeating should be enough to burn off one pound of unwanted body fat.

However, losing weight is not just about walking for exercise. You can simply reduce your daily caloric intake by giving up mayonnaise on your sandwich and instead use mustard, and save yourself 250 calories every day. That means over the next 15 times you make this condiment switch, you can eliminate one pound of ugly body fat.

Cardio Weight Loss

For the individual that is serious about losing weight quickly and efficiently, cardio workout routines can provide the most success. Even though the thought is uncomfortable, working out on a cardio treadmill, elliptical machine or bicycle 5 to 6 times every week can allow you to you lose weight rapidly and safely. To receive the most benefit, your cardio workouts should be in a minimum of 45 minutes of intense exercise followed by strength training 5 to 6 times a week.

Maintaining the Target Zone

Cardio is by far the best way to condition your body to lose weight. However, you need to maintain a cardio level inside your target zone. This means that if you can work out at 50 percent of your maximum heart rate, you can easily develop a high fitness level.

Developing the Best Diet

The most effective weight loss fat loss diet involves cutting carbohydrates, and not so much calories. Many studies have indicated that cutting carbs is a far better strategy to efficiently lose more weight. In fact, lower carb intake significantly lowers insulin levels, which is an effective preventative measure for a variety of cancers.


Adequate hydrating is essential for any successful weight loss fat loss diet program. This includes downing one huge glass of water upon awakening followed by eight glasses of eight ounces of purified water throughout the day. However, this is only the minimum. Staying hydrated helps people binge much less all through the day and helps to boost the bodys metabolism.

By continuously moving throughout the day, your body will naturally lose weight as your metabolism revs up. By minimizing the amount of food you consume, and avoiding simple carbohydrates, you can lose weight and achieve the body you desire.

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