The Benefits of a Valerie Bertinelli Weight Loss Program

If you want to lose the weight like Valerie Bertinelli has, losing over 40 pounds, there are effective diet plans that work. In fact, Valerie served as a representative for Jenny Craig to share her secrets on exactly the best type of diet plan and new body workout to achieve her goal. Valerie recognizes that with an effective plan and enough time, anyone can make the long-term commitment to lose weight and keep it off for good.

She has indicated that taking 10,000 steps every day is one way to meet the goal of an effective weight loss program. In fact, losing weight is not always about sticking to a diet, but changing lifestyle habits and choosing to walk instead of ride, or keep busy instead of eating.

The most significant benefit achieved through a Valerie Bertinelli weight loss program is the ability to enjoy favorite foods while taking advantage of dieting. It is more about limiting the foods that are consumed every day instead of restricting them. As an example, using other sweeteners instead of sugar can make a substantial positive difference in the amount of weight that is lost.

Valerie indicates that it is more a psychological state of mind, than the physical activities involved in losing weight. In fact, the Valerie Bertinelli weight loss program is built around happiness and enjoying daily activities. By becoming happier, it is easier to lose the weight and keep it off. This is why she suggests choosing foods carefully, and focusing on spending time with family and friends to become much happier in life.

The Jenny Craig program has been around since 1983, and now has 640 establish centers worldwide. Its weight loss program is built on three specific tenants that include food choices and consumption, body focus, and maintaining a positive mind. The focus on food centers on portion control and healthy eating. It also incorporates enjoying food in moderation.

The body element of the Jenny Craig program is focused on exercise routines and overcoming significant barriers that tend to be physically limiting. The mind aspect of the Jenny Craig program is focused on positive thinking, and receiving the support required to reach and maintain weight loss goals.

Even though the system is built around portion control prepackaged meals, Jenny Craig is different from other diets available in that their counselors strive hard to teach portion control. In fact, they focus their attention on healthy eating and cooking when either dining out, or eating meals at home.

After contacting a Jenny Craig representative, the program begins with an in-depth interview. This is followed by a personalized fitness plan and developed meal diet. At its weight loss centers around the world, the individual can attend weekly consultations, meetings, food pickup, and gain support over the phone. In fact, meals can be delivered directly to the door.

The Valerie Bertinelli weight loss program has been highly effective for her and others that follow the Jenny Craig system.

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