The Benefits of a Leptin Weight Loss Program

A leptin weight loss program has been shown to be highly effective for individuals that want to lose unwanted pounds and inches, and keep them off. In fact, leptin is recognized as the bodys fat hormone, obesity hormone and even the starvation hormone.

Leptin was first discovered by scientists in 1994 and was considered immediately to be a blockbuster weight loss solution. Today, individuals can find online leptin weight loss programs designed specifically for losing weight effectively and safely.

Scientists found leptin when looking for proteins in fat cells. Scientists found that when leptin is released into the bloodstream it moves through the entire body and ends up in the brain. The leptin that is generated and transported to the brain tells the body that the energy thermostat has been set correctly. A high level of leptin indicates to the brain that the body has enough stored energy inside fat cells, and that the individual has reached a specific threshold.

When the brain understands that the body has sufficient energy stored away, it provides the opportunity to engage in processes that are energy expensive, including pregnancy and puberty. However, when individuals diet, they consume less food, and the fat cells lose fat decreasing the amount of produce leptin.

This significantly lower amount of leptin in the body tells the brain that it is time to start storing fat again because it senses a body is moving into starvation mode. All of this information is transferred over the vagus nerve, often referred to as the bodys energy storage nerve.

Anytime the vagus nerve becomes activated, the person gets hungrier. Only by consuming food or taking supplements will the brain stop sending the signal along the vagus nerve to tell the body to continue storing fat.

So Why Do Fat People Keep Getting Fatter?

If the brain has the ability to turn off the signal through the vagus nerve and stop the body from continuously storing fat, why do fat people keep getting fatter? The brain does not get the right information because a phenomena can occur in the body known as leptin resistance. Quite similar to insulin resistance found in type II diabetics, leptin resistance shuts off the information to the brain, as leptin levels continue to rise.

Because of the leptin resistance, doctors find that it is better to lower triglyceride levels (a blood lipid) as an effective leptin weight loss program. By eating the right kinds of foods to lower insulin, scientists believe that leptin resistance will be minimized, allowing the brain to send the right signals along the vagus nerve. High levels of triglyceride interfere with the journey the leptin takes from the blood into the brain.

While not every benefit of leptin is completely understood, an effective leptin weight loss program seems to be advantageous to the body when lowering triglycerides and minimizing insulin resistance. It offers an easy solution for stopping the automatic storage of body fats, even when the individual is already overweight.

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