The CoQ10 Weight Loss Journey

CoQ10 weight loss journey

With the Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 weight loss journey, we have the chance to shed off our stubborn fat. This is a substance found in our tissues that resembles naturally-produced vitamins for proper functioning of our cells in our bodies.

Where CoQ10 Can Be Found

CoQ10 produces energy in our cells and it can be found in cosmetic, dietary supplements and food like meats and fish. If we prepare more CoQ10-based healthy recipes for our meals, the chance of us losing weight is increased. This coenzyme is fat-soluble; thus, it should be consumed with foods containing fat so that it can be absorbed well.

CoQ10 Benefits

CoQ10 has been included in the list of top ten weight loss dietary supplements of Dr. Perricone as it is very effective in preventing obesity and enhancing metabolism. It is also said to provide us endurance and greater energy. The good doctor said though that he has no research studies supporting his theory.

The possible reason for the quick effect of CoQ10 in weight loss is that it can generate cellular energy. This thereby boosts our metabolism and helps us attain and maintain a good weight. It increases the ability of our body to change food to energy and controls the sugars and fats in our blood. Studies however show that people who have lost weight with CoQ10 also have a deficiency in coenzyme Q10. It is also found out that this supplement is more effective if it is taken with a healthy lifestyle consisting of a good diet and regular workouts.

CoQ10 produces cellular energy and it works within our cell’s mitochondria. There CoQ10 helps produce ATP or adenosine triphosphate, the chief energy source inside our cells. The levels of ATP aid in protein production and muscle contraction. This then rouses energy within us for us to intensely work out. Because of increased energy, we are able to burn more calories.

CoQ10 not only aids in weight loss but it is also effective in treating hypertension, congestive heart failure, a weak immune system and Parkinson’s disease.

CoQ10 Dosage

A CoQ10 and weight loss program should be safe if we take the recommended daily allowance of this supplement.  Physicians usually agree that 30 to 50 mg a day of CoQ10 is enough for weight loss. It is acceptable to increase this to 150-200 mg if we have a renal failure, Parkinson’s disease, congestive heart failure or heart disease. We still need to ask a medical expert for this though. If we are on prescription medications for diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol, these may counteract with our CoQ10 supplement. The latter’s effectiveness may also be lessened.

Side Effects of CoQ10

Quick-Weight-Loss1There are side effects however with CoQ10 even if it is considered a safe supplement. Some of these side effects can be serious. But generally there are not severe and are short-lived. These include loose bowels, lack of appetite, lethargy, skin rash, itchy skin, symptoms of flu, headache, squeamishness, sensitivity to light, vertigo, insomnia and regurgitating. The extreme side effects are reduced blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

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