The Advantages of a Benefiber Weight Loss Diet

As an over-the-counter fiber supplement, Benefiber has been highly beneficial for losing weight. In fact, a Benefiber weight loss diet program often involves taking the supplement as a caplet or chewable tablet. By consuming an adequate amount of dietary fiber every day, the individual can control blood sugars, lower cholesterol levels and lose weight. This is because the fiber fills the stomach, making the individual feel much fuller for an extended time.

The Weight Loss Process

A Benefiber weight loss diet includes consuming a single portion dosage of Benefiber early in the morning. This is either three tablets, three caplets or two teaspoons of powder. However, the amount you consume should be based on your gender and age. Men 50 years and older should consume 30 grams of fiber each day. Men under 50 should consume 38 grams. Women over 50 require 21 grams, while women under 50 require 25 grams.

The next step of the process is to consume eight ounces of non-carbonated sugar-free beverage, or glass of water. If using the powder, it should be thoroughly mixed into the beverage until it is completely dissolved. If drinking down in 8-ounce glass of the powdered fiber in liquid appears to be too challenging to consume, consider mixing the Benefiber powder into sugar-free pudding, low-fat yogurt or applesauce.

The third step requires taking the tablets, eating the putting, yogurt or applesauce, or drinking down the beverage. This should be done prior to every meal, to make you feel much fuller and minimize your hunger sensations. Some individuals enjoy adding Benefiber directly into the foods they prepare including salad dressings, soups and pasta sauces. In fact, it is very simple to blend Benefiber into a healthy meal for an effective weight loss program.

For the fiber to provide its most benefits, the individual must consume a minimum of 64 ounces (one half gallon) of water each day. The fiber in a Benefiber weight loss diet slowly absorbs the water and begins to swell. This tends to slow down the digestion process while filling the stomach.

This is highly effective because the fiber in Benefiber regulates the bodys blood sugar levels, creates appetite suppression and makes the individual feel much more comfortable. In fact, the water with the fiber helps metabolize food and benefits in the excretion of wastes including fats.

Constipation Benefits

Because of our modern day processed food diets, many of us suffer from major bouts of constipation. It is not unheard of to store tend to 15 pounds of toxic waste in the bowels. However, a Benefiber weight loss diet can work far better than eating large amounts of veggies and fruits. In fact, many individuals that are on a weight loss diet regimen and have eliminated fats from their meals tend to become constipated. However, Benefiber can solve many of these problems because of the added fiber consumed prior to each meal.

Benefiber serves as an advantageous solution for individuals wanting to lose weight, or struggling with constipation and other issues.

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