More Details About Sean Murray Weight Loss

A lot of people follow what celebrities are doing, especially when it comes to news about their weight loss. One example of a celebrity whom people have been talking about is Sean Murray, who lost about 25 pounds over the course of about a year. Here are some details about the Sean Murray weight loss approach.

How he achieved this is really not a miracle. A key change in his lifestyle is that he stopped drinking alcohol. Alcohol adds toxic substances to the body, as well as sugar. It makes the body get fat quicker, especially around the belly area. It is not surprisimg that men who drink a lot of beer are usually very round in the middle.

Sean switched to drinking more water instead. He drank at least seven to eight full glasses everyday. Water adds no calories, and it effectively keeps the body hydrated. Just by drinking a glass of water before each meal helped him eat smaller portions. Less calories consumed results in less pounds added.

Sean also switched to eating a healthier diet. He eliminated sugary junk foods that only packed in empty calories. Excess sugar in the body converts into fat if it is not burned off. By eliminating sugar from his diet, he was able to reduce his caloric intake significantly. Instead, he switched to eating organic foods that are rich in nutrients. It is important to point out that abstaining from food is never the key to healthy weight loss. The Sean Murray weight loss strategy is based on the elimination of unhealthy foods from the diet and sticking to strictly organic options.

A proper diet should include a lot of whole grains and nothing made from processed grains, like white bread and pasta. More lean meats that are high in protein should be eaten, like fish and white poultry meat, instead of red meats that are high in saturated fats. Lots of organic fruits and green vegetables should be a big part of the diet.

No doubt, Sean also exercised regularly to efficiently burn off the calories that he consumed. When more calories are burned off than taken in, weight loss will be achieved.

Sean Murray was able to lose an average of one pound every one to two weeks. Losing 25 pounds over twelve to fourteen months is a reasonable goal for anyone to achieve. His strategy was to lead a lifestyle that is free of alcohol and sugar, and eat the most healthy foods available. He was committed to this change in lifestyle and it has paid off for him.

The Sean Murray weight loss approach can work for anyone. There is no need for any crash diets that are unsafe. Of course, you should always consult with your doctor before you undergo any new weight loss regimen. Even if you do not eliminate sugar entirely from your diet, reducing it by cutting out sweet snacks can greatly help you in your own pursuit of a thinner body.

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