Information About The Adnan Sami Weight Loss Plan

Many people are unable to stay motivated when it comes to dealing with weight loss. They either get bored with their routines or they feel that they are working their hardest and not seeing any results. To prevent this, they need to find something or someone to motivate them and show them that they can reach their goals. For many, a person like Adnan Sami has done just that. Here is some information about the Adnan Sami weight loss plan.

Who exactly is Adnan Sami? This is a man that was obese and ended up changing his diet and lifestyle to shed a significant amount of weight. He weighed over 450 pounds. He was ridiculed and constantly made fun of for his size by other people. He also struggled with his health. His doctor told him that he had about six months to live.

He was a famous Bollywood child actor and singer. The media followed him as he aged to the point that all of his weight gain was being seen and commented upon by the masses. Then, one day he shocked everybody. After not being seen for quite a while, he emerged with a much smaller frame. He lost over 330 pounds. He was absolutely beaming and everybody was wondering how he managed to accomplish such a feat.

The Diet

One of the main things that Sami touts is his diet. He is on a specific diet that keeps him satiated and healthy, while also helping him maintain his weight loss. His own nutritionist who found his deep relationship with his food concocted this nutritional plan of his. The nutritionist found that he was an emotional eater. He was slowing down his metabolism by eating more due to his increasing depression caused by his growing weight gain.

To stop the vicious cycle, his nutritionist helped him with a custom-made diet plan. The Adnan Sami weight loss diet greatly reduces consumption of foods like bread and grains. He eats a lot of Indian food with fish and sometimes chicken, plain rice and salads without extra oil and sugar. His diet has a focus on high protein foods. He didn’t really have to give up his favorite foods, he was just taught that he could find or make diet-friendly versions. He also avoids alcohol.

The Mental Outlook

He had to overcome the fact that much of his weight gain was not only his poor diet, but his poor mental state. He had to overcome the fact that he was constantly under scrutiny for his weight and being made fun of for it. He had to build a thicker skin and stick to his goals to have a shot at surviving his grim diagnosis.

He is seen as an inspiration because he did stick to his guns and lost a tremendous amount of weight. He outlived the amount of time he was given and is now living a healthier life. He is also a lot more active at his smaller size playing squash and tennis, which were activities that he could not do at his heaviest.

As you can see, the Adnan Sami weight loss plan is just one of many ways that you can stay motivated and lose weight. Like all other plans, make sure to get a physician’s okay since these plans are not for everybody.

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