How To Make Healthy Smoothies For Weight Loss

One of the best ways to have something quick and satisfying that can help with your weight loss is by having a smoothie made from the healthiest ingredients. They are packed with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that help you lose those pounds in the most healthy way. Here are some suggestions for delicious and healthy smoothies for weight loss.

Try this smoothie that is rich in vitamins, high in fiber, and low in calories. This combines vegetables and fruits to make a delicious drink in the morning. For the vegetables, you will need two cups of spinach, a half of a cucumber, a quarter head of celery, a half bunch of parsley, a bunch of mint and three carrots. For the fruits, you will need two apples, four slices of orange, four slices of lime, and a quarter of a pineapple. Put everything in a blender and blend until smooth. This will make several servings so you will have enough for another one later in the day.

Try this strawberry and banana smoothie to satisfy that craving for sweets. Cut up a banana and add a cup of strawberries. Add slices from half of an orange, half of a cup of low-fat yogurt or milk, and about 5 ice cubes. Blend everything together for a delicious beverage that will not remind you that you are actually losing weight.

For a really easy smoothie to make, try blending a cup of frozen mixed berries with half of a cup of low-fat plain or vanilla-flavored yogurt. Whether or not you add ice is up to your preference because the berries are frozen already. Blend until smooth.

For a tropical smoothie with a bit of healthy fat, try blending a quarter cup of cubed mangoes with a quarter cup of mashed, ripe avocado. Add in half of a cup of mango juice, half of a cup of yogurt, some lime juice and some ice cubes. The little bit of healthy fat provides additional nutrients for your body, and makes this smoothie completely satisfying.

You may not consider peanut butter to be a good ingredient in healthy smoothies for weight loss, but this smoothie gives you a boost in energy while keeping those calories under control. Blend together a tablespoon of cocoa powder, a tablespoon of creamy, natural peanut butter, half of a cup of non-fat Greek yogurt and some ice cubes. Then, slice up half of a ripe banana and blend that in as well. You can top it off with a bit of cinnamon if desired. This provides you with a healthy dose of protein and will help you keep your hunger pangs under control.

These healthy smoothies for weight loss will help you lose those unwanted pounds in the most delicious way. These are good additions to a healthy diet rich in fresh vegetables and whole grains. Combine this with your exercise regimen, and you will drop those pounds before you know it.

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