How To Lose 10 Pounds

Many people struggle to achieve their target weight and only know how to lose 10 pounds. Most of the time we make the mistake of setting goals that are either too vague or too ambitious that causes us to give up very quickly. As a start, setting 10 pounds as a goal is the best because it is much more achievable. When the goal is smaller and much more achievable it can give us a sense of accomplishment and also boosts our motivation to lose more weight. If you are now ready to lose your first 10 pounds, then here are some useful tips for you on how you can achieve the goal.

Exercise Regularly

workout for about an hour a day can make a big difference than spending the whole day sitting down. Setting aside an hour a day is not really hard even when you think that you don’t have enough time in a day. You can wake up earlier or be strict with your working hours by knowing what time to stop working and also the time to go for a workout. Exercising should be set as a habit and not based on how you feel. Many of us stop exercising regularly simply because we let our feelings determine if we are going to exercise or not. Once you have adopt that as a habit, you will exercise no matter what day it is.

Eating The Right Food

Eating healthily doesn’t mean eating vegetables for all your meals and not being able to enjoy tasty food. Bad food such as junk food, which are high in calorie but lack of nutrient often cause us to have cravings for more of it. If you want to break that pattern, then you have to start making better food choices for yourself. You can try having healthier snacks such as fruits, nuts and anything that is low in calorie but that can keep you full for a long time. Usually, these are fruits and nuts, that can provide your body more nutrients and yet keep your cravings at bay. When you consume less calories but burn the same amount of calories a day, your body will be able to shed off those extra pounds bit by bit each day. If you keep at that, you will easily lose the 10 pounds over a short period of time.

How To Lose 10 Pounds

Quit Poor Eating Habits

We all have poor eating habits that are simply triggered by our emotions. Some of the emotions that causes us to eat more and crave for comfort food includes stress, depression and even boredom. The first step to be aware of your habits. Spend a day recording down what food you have been eating or just pay attention when you reach out mindlessly for unhealthy food. Once you know how to catch yourself, you can then work on fixing it. For example, you can distract yourself by keeping yourself busy, taking a walk around the block to see if the cravings will go away or drink a glass of water to trick your body to think that you are full. That will make the cravings to subside.

Losing 10 pounds is pretty easy if you follow the methods mentioned. You don’t need to starve yourself or skip meals because those are unhealthy for your body. Losing weight doesn’t need to be torturous and all you need is to adopt a healthier lifestyle habits and you will soon see those 10 pounds leave from your body without needing to learn any fad diet methods or anything else.

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