How to Begin a Jump Start Weight Loss Program

A jump start weight loss program can make you lose weight quickly, and keep it off. This is especially beneficial to individuals that want to safely lose 15 pounds or more. Many times, individuals work out to the point where they can no longer lose weight in troubled spots no matter how much they exercise. This is often the result of maintaining certain habits that you do not realize are keeping the extra pounds and inches on.

Fortunately, a jump start weight loss program can help eliminate pockets of fat on the hips, buttocks, waistline, back, shoulders and chest that seem impossible to eliminate. The following can help you.

Make More Muscle

By increasing muscle mass, your body will naturally use up stored energy in the pockets of fat that seem impossible to remove. Consider lifting weights at least three times every week. This will help you build muscle fast.

Part of the strategy requires shorter rest time between strength training exercises. Consider taking a quick 20 second break after every set to burn off extra calories. This is because it accelerates the bodys metabolism more than resting for 90 seconds. In addition, consider performing double duty moves that isolate a single muscle. This would include bicep curls, chest presses and squats.

Overcome the Plateau

In all likelihood, your body has reached a plateau where the final 20 or 10 pounds simply will not budge. It is important to understand that is you lose weight, your body no longer has to work hard to move at the same speed or intensity. As a result, you stop losing weight. Instead, intensify your workouts by performing cardio. This is often easier than performing a high-impact vigorous activity such as playing sports.

Drink Water and Coffee

It is important to drink at least eight cups of pure or filtered water every day. However, drinking coffee early in the morning can automatically rev up your metabolism and help you burn many more calories. Research indicates that drinking coffee is highly effective at suppressing appetite. Later in the day, be sure and drink decaf coffee to avoid being spiked with energy in the evening when it is time to relax.

Time Your Complex Carbohydrates

Consuming complex carbohydrates including grains, cereals and even pasta is most beneficial when eaten breakfast. This is because the body requires carbohydrates early in the morning for fuel, and will burn it all day long, as it slowly digests.

Unlimited Snacks

If you eat the right foods, you can have access to unlimited snacking throughout the day. However, this should be limited to the consumption of celery and carrots sticks that have no calories, or very few. At the end of the first week of snacking on healthy vegetables, you can expect to eliminate 500 calories from your weekly diet, meaning you can lose an extra pound every seven weeks.

By following an effective jump start weight loss program, you can get yourself back on a healthy track to enjoy daily activities and improve your health.

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