Healthy Weight Loss Before And After

At times in my life I seemed to be complacent with the way I looked, fat and happy, but on the inside I was longing to be slim again and fit into those skimpy tops I used to wear. I finally realized that a weight loss program had to be based on what works for me, personally, and that I had to make real lifestyle changes if I wanted to lose the weight I had gained over the years.

Once I had my plan, I resolved to stick to it, by taking it one day at a time and always keeping a picture of what I wanted to look like in my mind. Since then I have been on a journey towards looking and feeling happy, healthy and fit as a lifestyle, rather than always being on a temporary weight loss plan, and it works!

The first thing I did was to start a weight loss journal and paste in before and after photos, write down my before and after stats and my present stats, and what I wanted to achieve. Before photos are ones of me when I looked and felt my best, and my after photos are the ones after I had gained so much weight that you couldnt even recognize that it was the same person!

This journal has become my trusty companion, which I can turn to when I hit a difficult patch, to remind me of what I want to achieve, and how to do it, and to record my weight loss before and after. I have divided my journal into three sections:

1. The first section contains my philosophy of life, – how I would like to live and how I would like to look. This section also contains my before weight gain photos and after weight gain photos, with lots of pages for photos in between, recording my successes on my journey with photos of each new milestone.

2. The second section contains all the information I need to lose weight and it keeps growing as I find new and fun ways to lose weight.

Menus that include 6 small balanced meals during the day, including lots of fruit and vegetables and low fat dairy and lean protein.

Writing down what I eat this shows me exactly how much I eat and helps me make healthier choices for the next day
Keep moving! Exercise is very important, I walk whenever I can and keep fit at the gym.
Supplements a good multi vitamin and essential minerals.

3. The third section contains my wish list, and what I would like to do during this lifetime. This section keeps me motivated to stay on track with my weight loss before and after plan.

So far, I have made good progress and my weight loss before and after photos are beginning to show results. For one, the contours of my face have reappeared and my body is beginning to take shape. I have come down a couple of dress sizes and I definitely have a lot more energy to do the things that I love to do.

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