HCG Weight Loss: Miracle or Fraud?

People are flocking by the thousands to a new promising diet that promises a quick weight loss of 30 pounds in a month. What is this new diet fad you may wonder? HCG weight loss. From its recent surge in popularity, it might actually be a worthy diet to consider, or is it dangerous as others have claimed? A fraud perhaps. Does it depend upon whom you are talking to or is it a real possibility?

What exactly is HCG weight loss many have asked. Well, here you have it, hcg is a hormone secreted in pregnancy. Taken in the form of drops or an injection and combined with only 500 calories per day many are so trusting of this new weight loss plan that they are sure they’ll be able to inject it themselves.

Many health care employees are concerned about the risk of infection and improperly handled needles. Others are concerned that this is simply a passing fad that will eventually kill someone.

Some wonder how long it’s safe to rely on such a diet method and yet others are concerned that if used too long it could also kill you.

HCG is approved through the USFDA for treating infertility in both women and in men. However, its weight loss properties can be traced back to the early 50s when A.T.W Simeons recognized that if he gave his heavy set patients a small dose of this on a regular basis, they began to lose some of the clumps of fat on their bodies. Unfortunately, it only worked if they remained on starvation diets.

Simeons went on to state that it was an appetite suppressant that made eating any extra calories undesirable. He also went on to make many false claims about stubborn fat areas like the tummy and upper arm areas.

No one really knows why this diet is making a come back, but what they do know is that the FDA has cautioned people that the homeopathic form of hcg is illegal if it is being sold for diet purposes (weight loss). They go on to state that the deception is in the fact that they don’t always disclose the starvation diet that must go with it.

Many doctors are still prescribing the injections for their patients on a daily basis. This daily injection is placed into the thigh of the patient each and every day. A 23 day plan will run you about 5 and if the patient opts for the 40 day plan they will be paying a whopping 5.

After this point, patients must take a break of six weeks. During this break they must eat normally so that he body won’t become immune to the hormone. After the six week break they go back on the cycle of injections.

During the 500 calorie diet and the six week break it is suggested that patients eat a healthy organic diet of meats and vegetables as well as fish, dairy and carbohydrates. No sugar or alcohol is permitted in either phase of the diet. So is the HCG weight loss plan a miracle or fraud? You decide.

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