Getting Familiar With Anaerobic Exercises

There are different types of aerobic or cardiovascular exercises that promote cardiovascular fitness, and contribute in attaining a healthy lifestyle. Although most of them are widely known to be effective, other valuable and simple types of exercise that aren’t that well recognized are anaerobic exercises. The term Anaerobic means with out oxygen or air. Anaerobic exercise involves resistance trainings like weight lifting, sprinting, jumping and use of resistant bands. Anaerobic exercises make use of muscles to build muscles in short but intense sessions. These exercises are short because you don’t use oxygen for energy while performing the exercise.

Anaerobic exercises are performed at much higher intensities and therefore require more energy compared to aerobic exercises. It makes use of respiratory techniques that depends on high energy levels. Anaerobic exercise increases the metabolic rate to a much higher level in a short span of time compared to what is achieved in longer aerobic workout. This triggers burning of stored fats in the body as the body seeks to regain the lost energy. Anaerobic exercises usually consist of two to three minutes of intense sessions. They are short but rigorous resulting in burning 25 percent of fat calories and 75 percent of the carbohydrates in the body.

Athletes with a desire to achieve strength, speed, and power are among those that usually practices Anaerobic exercise. Body builders also use this type of exercise in building up muscle mass. According to studies, anaerobic exercise triggers lactic acid fermentation whenever exceedingly done.  Compared to Aerobic exercise, Anaerobic Exercise develops muscle energy systems more efficiently. These intensified activities can greatly improve the performance of the body in short span of time.  A couple of minute session of Anaerobic Exercise everyday can do wonders.
Anaerobic Exercises
Apart from being a great fat burning and muscle building exercise, Anaerobic exercises offers benefits to the cardio-respiratory system, increases power, strength, speed and boosts the ability to protect your body from its own wastes and toxins. Because of there intense nature, anaerobic exercises are not something that you can start practising whenever you want to. Usually these exercises require an aerobic foundation.

If you are just starting your anaerobic exercise routines than it is recommended to start with less strenuous exercises like walking and swimming. Starting at a light pace will make your body accustomed to exercising and prevent any chance of an injury during more intense exercises. Once you’ve conditioned your body and mastered the basics, you can now step into the anaerobic arena.

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