Get On The Track – Loose Weight And Gain Muscle

It has dawned on you that you want to shed off a few pounds for your own good looks. The best option to do that without paying a coin is getting on the track. Running does not only help in weight loss it also aides the body in boosting the metabolism. This in turn prevents the body from suffering heart related problems. During running the body undergoes some relief from stress and also improves fitness. The beauty of it all is that when you run you do not do it behind closed doors. You get in touch with nature and breathe in very fresh air.

Running alone will not help you loose weight it has to be accompanied by healthy eating. Running and weight loss are closely related because; for a thirty minutes run you burn three hundred calories. This means that if you want to burn more calories all you have to do is increase the distance. However it is advisable to visit your doctor before you start your run. Running is also an excellent activity for cardio vascular muscles. It is advisable that when you begin your runs you fast start with a brisk walk then a run and a walk in between so that your body adjusts to the rhythm.

Before you start your running and weight loss procedure. It is good that you take a glass of warm water. This will ensure that your body remains dehydrated hence prevents you from feeling fatigued or getting dizzy. After all you are not running for pain and suffering you are running for a noble course for your own sweet self. It is also important to make sure that you eat well so that you can achieve your goaLoose Weight And Gain Musclel. It will not make sense even if you ran for hours and then ate food that has very high calories.

A combination of health diet and running will give you good results in your running and weight loss program. At the end of it all you will not only have lost weight, but you will have enjoyed the nature and also given yourself a clean bill of health from your physician. To make your running more interesting you can also have some music with you, this will keep you motivated and you will have done a multi tasking activity, listening to your favourite music and burning calories at the same time. This is not a bad deal I guess!

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