Fasting Weight Loss: Is It Worth For Me?

Losing weight is not a small matter for many, as most people will do anything just to shed of the extra weight. With the many remedies and plans for weight loss, none of them can beat fasting to lose weight. Water fasting can help the body burn huge amounts of fats from the body within a very short period. It however requires courage and determination to lose weight through fasting. This is because fasting is a way of enhancing spiritual awareness among many religions, and may have some effects on you. Nevertheless, fasting weight loss is an effective solution for obese and overweight person.

Fasting weight loss is a process in which one decides to go without food and major on fluids alone with the main aim of burning the excess fats. When one goes for some days without eating any food, the body is then forced to take food from its reserves, (In this case the excess fats) to respire and provide energy. This is the reason why fasting is only recommended for obese and overweight persons, who have loads and loads of fat deposits in the body tissues.

It is estimated that, the body tends to burn much of these excess fats on the first few days. For an effective weight loss while fasting, it is recommended that you take huge amounts of water to replace the fats respired. As the body burns these fats, it tends to produce toxins and toxic materials hence the reason why you need enough water to keep the cells hydrated and remove toxins from the cells.

Obese persons have excess fats in their body tissues. During fasting, the body has to oxidise these fats to produce energy needed for the bodys well-being. Nevertheless, the good thing with fasting is that, no tissues are burned to produce energy, but only fatty acids are respired. This thus assures you of weight loss at the end of the fasting period.

Maybe you are debating about fasting to shed some fats through fasting weight loss. What you need to know and understand is that, fasting does not mean you cannot take anything. You can choose to drink pure water, or even have some fresh fruits to boost your immunity. Smoothies go hand in hand with fasting, as they give the body essential vitamins and minerals required by the body in a daily basis. These vegetable and fruits juices revitalise the body with vitamins that make up hormones and enzymes that work on fats to produce energy, thus enhance weight loss.

If you are planning to go on a fasting weight loss, it is recommended you first seek a doctors attention. The doctor should take a few tests to approve you can last a few days without food. Diabetic patients and persons with any blood related diseases. If you are already in the program, it is then advisable for you to make a gradual comeback when finishing off the fasting period. This is because the bowels may be empty and cleansed, and need fluid-foods to prepare it for solid foods. This is just a health advice to help you be well and enjoy your new size and figure.

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