Fasting for Weight Loss

Fasting isn’t starving yourself because you’re consciously avoiding food. When you face starvation there’s no food around at all and this is over a prolonged period of time without food. Here’s how fasting can help you can how to prepare for fasting for weight loss.

Before the Fast

Fasting for weight loss can work but you need to prepare yourself for the fast before you do it. During the fast you can still drink water and you might also include some plain tea as well. Fasting is a conscious decision to abstain from food so make sure you are prepared mentally to go without food for several hours or days. In the beginning you should try a 12 or 24 hour fast and see how you do.

Calories in, Calories Out

The food we eat contains calories which is our unit of energy. We tend to eat far too many calories and this is the cause of weight gain. By going without food you can lose weight. The best idea is to go with intermittent fasting where you may go for one or two days per week without food. For example, you may fast on Sunday and then on Wednesday. This mimics what our ancestors probably went through where they would eat a good meal but then wouldn’t eat again for a couple of days because they would have to go out and hunt for more feed or tend to crops. Fasting for weight loss can work if you approach it the right way.

fasting for weight loss

Eating Prior to a Fast

You should eat well prior to a fast as you want to have a lot of energy in your system. If you eat well you may not feel hungry for about 12 hours or so after the big meal. This makes it easier to extend the fast to around 24-36 hours if you want to go on for a longer period. It’s not really recommended that you go on fasts for a long period of time such as weeks.

Partial Fasting for Weight Loss

You can do a partial fast as this type of fasting for weight loss allows you to consume simple things such as fresh fruit juices or vegetable juices and nothing else. On this type of fast you’ll abstain from solid foods and consume only fresh juices you make yourself. This can help you cleanse the body and help you lose weight at the same time.


If you feel hungry on the fast try drinking two glasses of water and then see how you feel. You may find the hunger doesn’t last very long in the beginning. You should always drink water on a fast as your body requires water. Fasting for weight loss will be more effective if you drink plenty of water throughout the fast. It’s also recommended that you fast when you have more control over your time. If you are working then the fast probably won’t be effective as you’ll feel hungry.

Fasting for weight loss can work but talk to a doctor if you have any questions about it. Never start a fast if you have some sort of medical condition. As this should be checked by a doctor first.

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