Extreme Weight Loss Methods

A wedding at the corner or an important function are some of the reasons that would lead to one desperate about loosing weight like yesterday. The inventors or should I call them the discoverers have come up with methods that one could use to loose weight instantly.  These extreme weight loss methods can be scary in a way that if you met with the person on the way to the clinic for the procedure, you’ll be in great shock if you met him/her a couple of hours after the procedure.

Most of these instant weight loss techniques use surgeries. They are mainly used by celebrities or models. A non surgical weight loss method is starvation. This just like the name is where you starve yourself by skipping some meals or eating very little. But as it is said different bodies react differently, some people will add weight if they starve, this is because the body will turn the stored proteins into carbohydrates.

Extreme Weight LossThe other method of extreme weight loss is liposuction. This is a surgical process whereby a surgeon extracts the excess fat. The disadvantage of this method is that the fat cells can grow back and grow in larger numbers than before. Chances of being left with sagging skin are also very high. The million dollar question is. Why is it that some of the surgeons performing this procedure have a double chin? Your guess is as good as mine.

Gastric branding is also another quick method for weight loss. This is done by shrinking the stomach so that one eats very little food. Excess hanging skin is also likely to be seen after this method. Beauty spas have also not been left behind with when it comes to extreme weight loss techniques. Body wraps are available almost in every beauty salon. The disadvantage of a body wrap is that it is only a short term solution not to mention that they cost an arm and a leg.

Besides all the above mentioned methods, there are also electronic devises used for weight loss. Some of these devices come in the form of belts. A belt which is electronically controlled is made to vibrate a part of the body which has excess fat on it. All these methods provide the results very easily – some at the comfort of your room or as you relax in a spa bed. But as easy as the results come so do they go. And chances are that one gains more weight than before. Before you begin any extreme weight loss program it is important to take medical advice from a specialist.

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