Extreme Weight Loss Methods And Alternatives For Healthy Weight Loss

You can search online for weight loss plans and there will not be a shortage of plans available for you to choose from. Most weight loss plans recommend an average weight loss of no more than 3 pounds a week, but if you are looking to lose a large amount of weight quickly you may look for more extreme weight loss methods.

There are ways that you can achieve extreme weight loss in a short amount of time. However most of these tips and methods are not considered safe or healthy. The methods will help you lose a lot of weight quickly but there are risks and side effects associated with each method.

You Are Not Really Losing Fat

The first thing that dieters need to understand when they are trying to lose weight quickly is that they are not actually losing fat. Instead they are losing mostly water weight. If the dieter continues to use extreme weight loss methods they will eventually begin to lose muscle as well. As soon as the dieter reverts back to normal eating habits the weight that was lost will return.

Weight loss returns because the body does not enjoy being in starvation mode and being depleted of water and nutrients. Once the body senses you are starving it, it will hold on to the fat that is on the body and the result is the loss of water and muscle.

Examples of Extreme Weight Loss Methods

Fasting is a type of weight loss method that provides extreme results in a short amount of time. There are several types of fasting including water fasting and juice fasting. Both of these methods work short term because of the calorie deficit. These methods are dangerous and can even cause a dieter to faint or develop heart issues because the bodys processes slow down.

Metabolism is slowed to a halt and makes it more difficult to lose weight in the future.

Weight loss surgeries have become popular over the past few decades. These surgeries provide a quick fix but they can cause several uncomfortable and life threatening effects. Some patients have suffered from:

Leaky gut
Skin necrosis around the scar tissue

Taking diet pills is one of the most popular forms of quick and drastic weight loss techniques. Society has become obsessed with instant gratification and many people want to simply take a pill and watch the fat melt off of their bodies while they sit on the couch watching television. There have been and currently are several diet pills on the market that act as appetite suppressants. The list of pills includes:

Phentermine (approved by FDA in the late 1950s)
Fen-Phen (taken off market)
Orlistat (not effective)
Bontril (can cause heart palpitations)

Healthier Alternatives To Extreme Weight Loss Methods

The good news is that you can achieve a healthy and fit body by adopting a healthier lifestyle. You can add exercise into your daily routine and begin eating healthier foods.

Trying extreme weight loss methods are tempting especially if you want to lose a large amount of weight in a short period of time. However a healthier weight loss plan that includes exercise and healthy eating will allow you to achieve steady weight loss that is long term.

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