Do Christian Weight Loss Programs Really Work?

Being overweight often comes from a poor relationship with food. When we use food for comforting us in times of sorrow or we chew on it while watching movies or focusing on other things, we could easily cross the line between eating to support living and living to support eating.

The Sin of Gluttony and Christian Weight Loss Programs

If you’re a Christian, you must know that one of the seven sins of human beings is gluttony. This is what Christian weight loss programs address: they teach you to follow biblical and practical methods of defeating your gluttony and eating in a healthier way that would result in losing all those extra pounds you accumulated while looking away from God.

Any Christian weight loss program will provide you a step-by-step action plan to help you fight your demons and put an end to compulsive overeating, emotional eating or binge eating disorders. Such programs would support you in your journey by enabling you access to a personal counselor and to a support group made of people who, just like you, try to fight their imperfections and destructive behaviors.

Once you start from the statement in the Bible, that “your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you”, it’s easy to understand that a good Christian has this duty to take care of this temple in the best possible way. This means, first of all, avoiding putting unhealthy stuff into the temple. Like a brick and mortar house, the flesh and blood temple needs maintenance in order to preserve its integrity and health. Once you get to understand this, you’ll find it much easier to change your eating habits and enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Hunger Signals Are a Gift from God

Hunger signals are true lifesavers. If we didn’t know when to eat, we’d be dead in no time, because our body would be depleted of its vital nutrients. However, eating is a pleasurable activity, thus many of us choose to eat even in the absence of these hunger signals. This is how pounds accumulate and fat deposits start thickening our waistline little by little, until one day, when we find ourselves in front of the mirror, overweight and miserable, yet unable to take the bull by the horns and stop eating solely out of pleasure.

Being overweight is not a sin in itself, there’s no reference to that in the Bible. However, the Old Testament includes specific instructions about what people were to eat and what to stay away from. Those commands can be interpreted as diets, because if people followed them, they would have become healthier and better off in their lives.

One component of Christian weight loss programs that’s not present elsewhere, is that one shouldn’t obsess over losing weight until they get a perfect body, either. The main focus of a human being should be on God and not on vanity issues that can easily become idols, thus driving us into the sin of worshiping something else than God.

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