Calorie Intake For Weight Loss

Understand How Much Calories You Need For Weight Loss

To lose weight it’s important to understand calories. Weight loss occurs when you take in fewer calories and burn more calories than you take in. Here’s what you need to know about calorie intake for weight loss.

Why We Gain Weight

We gain weight because we take in too many calories which is our unit of energy. Many foods, especially junk food contain more calories than we need. If we eat more calories than our body needs then these get stored as fat in our body. Often these junk foods contain simple calories such as sugar which don’t provide the body any real nutrients so these excess calories also get stored as fat. By eating poor quality foods that are high in calories you tend to gain more weight because your body doesn’t get any nutrients. You need a certain calorie intake for weight loss to occur.

Calories We Need Each Day

Our body requires a certain number of calories each day even when we need to lose weight. If you want to lose weight you have to eat a minimum amount of calories just for daily functions or else weight loss is difficult because your body doesn’t get nutrients. This table list doesn’t take into account smaller children. Here’s the minimum amount of calories you need:


  • Females – 19-30 years old: 2000 calories
  • Males – 19-30 years old : 2400 calories


  • Girls -14-18 years old : 1800 calories
  • Boys -14-18 years old : 2200 calories

Older Adults

  • Females 51+ years old:1600 calories
  • Males 51+ years old:2000 calories

These are the basic calories you need each day without any physical activity at all. If you’re active you need to eat more.

Calorie Intake for Weight LossWeight Loss

You can’t lose weight by not eating and many people make this mistake. They think that by skipping meals or eating celery sticks they think that weight will come down. A person can lose a little bit of weight but it’s not much because the body require calories just for basic energy. If a person eats properly with plenty of fresh food such as vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts, seeds, lean meat and water then they give the body the proper calories it needs. If this is combined with exercise then the person is able to lose weight. When you exercise you’ll speed up your metabolism so you’ll burn more calories even at rest. So you need a calorie intake for weight loss to begin in the first place.

High Quality Food

To lose weight ensure that you eat whole fresh food. This sort of calorie intake for weight loss allows your body to get all the nutrients that it needs and it will help speed up your metabolism. Ensure you drink plenty of water and eat lots of vegetables. You can only drop weight when you start eating proper foods and avoid all the processed food in our normal diet. A proper calorie intake for weight loss will allow your body to burn extra fat and you will drop weight quickly. Just remember starving yourself won’t work you must eat quality food.

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